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HydroSkin Paddling & Snorkeling Gloves

Designed primarily as a full finger paddling and snorkeling glove, we've learned that they're even better for suited for photographers' use during cool, cold, inclement, and wet weather.

The Gloves have these Special Features:

  • A comfortable, flexible fit
  • Excellent palm-to-finger 'gripability' and dexterity work together to enhance the feel and grip of your camera
  • A DWR outer coating and ThermalPlush lining repel water
  • TiCoat insulating membrane inside helps retain your body heat
  • Made of quick drying HydroSkin®, a lightweight neoprene (same as a wetsuit) and so while they are not waterproof, they do keep you warm if they get wet

PRICE:  $39.95 

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